How to care for your fresh tattoo


3 Do's and 3 Don'ts of aftercare advice

Do Listen To Your Artist:

Each tattoo artist is going to suggest a slightly different healing process than the next. Listen or read to the aftercare suggestions they offer. They'll know best for the work that they did and the tattoo that you have.

Do Keep It Clean:

It's key to always wash your hands well with antibacterial soap before touching your tattoo during the healing process.

Do Be Patient:

Healing skin after getting a tattoo takes weeks for the initial phase, but takes months before fully healed. Try to keep up with ointment treatments while also letting it breathe for maximum effect.

Don't Irritate Your Tattoo:

Avoid picking, scratching, peeling, slapping, rubbing the skin on and around the tattoo. It's temping but try your best to avoid it.

Don't Swim / Hot Tub:

This also extends to soaking in a bathtub as well. Keep showers short, and at a moderately cool temperature.

Don't Stay In The Sun Long:

For the first few weeks, try to avoid long exposure to the Sun. UV light is one of the worst enemies to tattoos. After that initial 3 weeks, please wear sunscreen to keep your tattoo from UV damage.